ATENE (Grecia) - 08-09-10giugno07


Cosa dire.. di queste tre giornate?

Eccezionali. Divertenti. Rilassanti. E forse non si rende l'idea..

Atene [Mappa] č stata una scoperta. Calda, ma ancora sopportabile. Non caotica come si dice, non sporca come si dice.. Piena di vita, sullo stile di Barcellona e forse pił.

Mare pulito e invitante a soli 40 minuti di tram dal centro.


Moreover we have been really lucky to meet Anna the first evening we arrived there!

She is a life-full girl, full of interests, open minded. She introduced us Athens the first night and come to pick-up us at the Yabanaki beach in Vįrkiza [Mappa] the second day with her friend Danai.

Anna is a speedy driver and took us around in the nicest sorroundings of Athens.

We had time for a drink and to see the sunset on the beach at Glyfada (very fascinating!), then we drived up to the Lycabettus hill, passing trough a number of Athens's famous areas.

The view from the Lycabettus is really unique!

At 11:30PM we were back to the hotel.. late? Not too late to avoid going out again! Something to eat at Plaka, then a "jump" into Psiri. There was the chaos! Loads and loads of people! A neverending river of girls and boys coming from everywhere!

We were alone there, as Anna had to sleep in order to wake up early for her English exam on Sunday (Sunday?!?!.. Yes).


Sunday was also a very warm day. We went to see the Acropolis but we found a STRIKE of the museum workers. Then we climbed the Filopappo hill, just in front, and again we had a wonderful view of the Partenone and of all Athens laying under its Acropolis! Athens seems a white calm sea of houses.

Then we went down visiting the small white houses between the Acropolis and the Plaka. It is a corner of Egean sea as the houses had been built up by fishermans who worked in Athens centuries ago.

Finally we had our relaxing hour at a nice bar/restaurant.. we started with beer, then pita, then calamari, then saganaki.. greek salad! Unforgettable and fresh!


Unfortunately time passed quickly and we had to go to the airport at 3:00PM...


But we really wish to go back SOON!


Thank you for the hospitality to the mythical Anna!



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